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Le Koko Collectif
Bahar Kongel Fransez

Bahar Kongel Fransez

Bahar, started her 15 years old career, as a stylist and content creator for leading fashion magazines in Turkey.
The main stream fashion press’ vision, limited to pop culture and consumption, forced her to cut all corporate ties and look for means of an independent expression. 
While working in fashion campaigns as a stylist, Bahar founded blank-mag, one of the first independent on-line magazines of Turkey, realising her long time dream of creating a new voice in publishing. 
Her experience in creative style consultancy combined with the content creation and production know-hows of the team she curated for blank-mag, gave birth to a new generation fashion agency, Le Koko Collectif. 

Rather than a stylist, Bahar likes to identify herself as a story teller, who loves to use graphics, sense of humour and lots of color.



Campaign & lookbook mood

Lifestyle & fashion video stories and style

Find theatrical stories for events, press days and special presentations to get people and press talking about your brands


Editorial and advertorial styling

Personel styling

In store styling

Collection consultancy